AboutWhat is ARTW?

The ARTW is a blockchain based Art verification and art trading platform. We are building an Art ecosystem which will enable all the stakeholders of the industry – Artists, collectors, art enthusiasts, art exhibitors & galleries and institutional buyers to buy/sell genuine, verified artwork from our trading platform.

We utilize most secured blockchain technology for cortication and define authenticity of any artwork, anytime, anywhere in the world. Our platform enables Galleries/Artists to upload their artworks (both digital and non-digital) and art lovers to visit and explore any artists’ artwork digitally, through Virtual and Augmented Reality techniques. Moreover, ART galleries can conduct e-auctions and display featured paintings on our platform. Users can invest in artwork without worrying about the authenticity of the artwork and get the NFTs instantly in their wallets.

To simply things further, we will be launching a native token called ARTW, an BEP20 standard based token, which will be legally tradable on existing crypto exchanges, partnering Art Galleries and Artists. ARTW can be considered a utility token within its community, since it also acts as a means of exchange in the art marketplace.

Key ServicesARTW

  • NFT Marketplace
  • Blockchain based ART Verification
  • Artist Profile Management
  • Online Exhibitions
  • Fine art marketplace
  • Commissioned work

SolutionsProblems & Solutions


How do you verify a painting? It is estimated that 50% of artworks examined were either forged or not attributed to the correct artist. The current methods of verification are error-prone and judgemental. Artwork can easily be duplicated. As a result, its value drops and the prospect of a market disappears. An estimated INR 0.8-1 billion worth of forged art is traded in India every year and works by modern artists such as M. F. Husain, S. H. Raza and F. N. Souza


Tamper-proof Certificates For Art And Collectibles, Secured By Blockchain Technology.

Pre-Sale & AllocationToken Allocation

ARTW is a utility token, approved and regulated by the laws of the United Kingdom. Our tokens can be used to purchase Artworks from the participating galleries. The total number of tokens available would be 300 million, with an initial token price of USD 1.00. The price of tokens will be based on demand and supply.
Soft Cap = USD 10 Million
Hard Cap = USD 40 Million

Token Offering phases:

  • Private sales: Pre-launch phase
  • Public sales: Open market sales, along with Airdrops
  • Exchange Listing for enhanced liquidity


  1. Research & development of ART related Blockchain ideas

    Conceptualization and Planning phase

    Design Finalization

    Legal Registerations and Compliances

    ARTW Team Formation

    ARTW Associations and Artist Advisory Panel

    ARTW Presale & Tokenization

  2. Creating presence in 2 Countries

    Launch Of Airdrop -phase 1

    Launch of ART Marketplace (Beta Version)

    Registering Artists, Art Galleries & Collectors

    Start development of chip based ART Authentication System

    Adding digital artworks

  3. Creating presence in 3 Countries

    Launch Of Airdrop -phase 2

    Launch of Mobile Applications (Beta Version)

    Registering Artists, Art Galleries & Collectors

    Closure of pre-sales

  4. Final Airdrop

    Launch of IoT based smart chips forpaintings

    Launch of e-auctions through platform

    Participate in Atleast Five Art Exhibitions

    Get Commissioned work for Artists

    Expanding ART ecosystem

  5. Expanding geographical presence

    Upgrading the Logistics network Listing ARTW on Exchanges

    Launch of ARTIST rating system

  6. Launch of Loan against ARTwork (as collateral) phase 1 - Through ARTW tokens

    Launch of Virtual exhibitions

    Building a voting mechanism for elite artworks

  7. Launch of Artist Online Studios

    Launch of theme based ART Competition

    Launch of ART digital magazine

    Global Art Fairs and PR Events

  8. Modify roadmap according to accomplishments

    Launch of Loan against ARTwork (as collateral) phase 2 - Through fiat currencies

    Enhancing Artist PR Management Services

    Token Buyback from open market and Burning

  9. Launch of Artist PR Management Services

    Conducting Global ART Competitions

    Adding VR / AR capabilities for Virtual Exhibitions

  10. Launch of "ARTWAssist" for Artists to asses market price of their artwork

    Enhancing Virtual exhibitions

    Continued Integrations with physical Art Galleries

  11. Launch of ART Statistics and Analytics

    Launch of P2P Art Trading platform

  12. Token burn from profits

    Launch of Artist loyalty program

    Getting recognitions from leading art associations

    Expanding Geographical presence

    Automated Quotation system for corporate buying

  13. Launch of "ARTVALUER" for users to calculate value of their artwork

    Enhancing Artist Rating Algorithms

    Empanelling vendors/suppliers for artists

    Launch of Theme based premium sourcing services

  14. Open Apis for Generated ART Statistics platform

    Enhancing p2p Trading platform

    Pre-book artists, commissioned work

    Launch of Grassroot ART Initiative

  15. Launch of Artist Stock market

    Launch of Art Asset Management Plans

    Expanding the ART ecosystem


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We have created a unique ART industry Ecosystem on blockchain, where all stakeholders like Collectors, Enthusiasts, Artists, Galleries, Auction houses and Art Owners can register and start using our platform for their own benefits.

Our platform opens a gamut of possibilities and deals very effectively with the biggest problems of the industry – verifying the authenticity of ARTwork and a seamless low cost platform for Artists to showcase their Artworks.

Our aim is to revolutionize the global fine art market (USD 50.4 billion in 2020), as per ART Basel & UBS 2021 report. As a business model we will be active in key global ART markets – USA, Europe, China and upcoming potential markets, India and South Africa. Our focus will be on selling Digital ART and NFTs while keeping the platform easy and ready to use for traditional artworks as well. Empanelling Galeries, Artists and Artworks on our platform will be the key to build an ecosystem and paintings from Ivy League painters. Building trust between buyer and sellers by eradicating fake paintings from the industry is our ultimate aim, by using the world’s most secure and transparent blockchain technology.



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